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I know you are very worried about your appearance. You want to feel younger and you also want to get rid of that stain you got last summer sunbathing. I also know you wish those acne scars and wrinkles that undermine your confidence wouldn't be there. 

Perhaps, you simply want just to relax and do something for yourself at the same time. Haven't you always dreamed of doing your own spa session and beauty routine at home? Imagine wearing your favorite house clothes, the one you wear when reading your favorite book, lying on the couch listening to the music you like and pampering yourself like never before

That's why, for all the stress of your day, you deserve one of the latest generation skincare treatment. Now and you can get it with the LED Therapy™ Facial Mask.

Facial Mask Light Therapy

This is the only really profitable solution to cover all the needs for your skincare. The LED Therapy™ Facial Mask reproduces 7 colors to treat different skin problems.

LED light penetrates the skin tissue, without burning, increasing collagen, lightening and stretching the skin, reducing spots and wrinkles and much more.

LED Therapy Facial Mask for Skincare


The versatility of the LED therapy™ mask comes from exposing the skin to 7 different wavelengths of light. They are administered at a safe therapeutic dose, fighting against the visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, minimizing scars, killing acne bacteria and much more.

7 Lights for different treatments: 

  • Red Light: Spot whitening for sensitive skins and wrinkle treatment. Repairs damaged skin, softening wrinkles and promoting elasticity. It solves problems related to dilated pores and collagen hyperplasia. 
  • Blue Light: Cures acne problems in an effective way. Repairing the skin without leaving scars.
  • Purple Light: Combination of red and blue light. It specializes in healing and repairing of acne scars.
  • White Light: Treatment for age spots, inhibiting the formation of pigment in melanin and solving problems of sagging skin. 
  • Green Light: Promotes neutralization and balance of your skin. Relaxing therapy for mental stress. Effective cleaning of lymphomas and edemas
  • Yellow Light: Treatment for thick skin, redness, and fevers. Increases skin immunity
  • Cyan Light: Promotes blood circulation, gradually improving cellular energy while promoting skin metabolism and elimination of toxins.

7 LED for different skincare treatment

Too good to be true?

Not at all! LED Therapy™ was initially developed by NASA. It is backed up by decades of scientific research and it is recognized by the medical community. It is also frequently used by dermatologists and beauty professionals due to its extreme effectiveness. 

The skin cells convert the light waves emitted by the LEDs into usable energy, naturally increasing cellular metabolism and improving functions such as collagen production. 

Because light waves only improve the natural features of the skin itself, the treatment is completely safe. LED lights do not emit UVA or UVB radiation.

Effective Treatment for Skin Problems

What are the differences between laser and photon therapy?

Both laser and photon therapy use similar approaches. The most notable difference is that laser therapy must be performed by a medical professional, while photographic treatment can be performed at home.

The advantage of using LED light therapy is the lack of side effects such as redness and inflammation caused by laser treatments.

IMPORTANT: For LED light treatments, it is recommended a maximum of 3 sessions per week. Each session should last no more than 15 to 30 minutes.

How to use the Light Treatment Facial Mask

Usage Note: If you want to boost mask effect, you have to use your favorite face cream treatment at the same time. The LED light will promote the assimilation of the product, enhancing the effectiveness of the said product.




  • Is the face part independent from the neck part? 

Yes, the pieces are independent although you have the possibility of joining them. You can do neck and/or facial treatments. 

  • You recommend using a product at the same time as the mask. You can be more specific? 

You can use your favorite product. I recommend that you do not use oil-based creams during therapy since the oil reflects the light like a mirror. For after therapy, use the product you prefer. 

  • Can the Facial Mask be used if your skin is black? 

Yes, the skin color is indifferent. Everyone can use light therapy to improve the appearance of the skin. 

  • Can you use all 7 therapies on the same day? 

Yes, there is no problem, as long as you stay within the recommended maximum of 30 minutes you can make the full range of Mask colors. 

  • Do you have flash and flash options? 

Yes! You can put it in fixed or intermittent mode. 

  • Are the microelectrodes removable? 

Yes. You can disassemble the electrodes.




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The order came quickly and packed in a box. The product is perfect. I normally use it without iron buttons as it is better for me. Seller recommended


Super fast delivery, just 20 days to Belgium. Perfect quality. It is better than in the photos. I have tried it once. My skin feels very good. I highly recommend it!


Arrived very fast and the product came in a beautiful box. The mask inside was in perfect condition. Mask is working very good for my son acne. He has only used it for a few times and I can already see the result . For myself, I can see a bit of changes on my face after using it 4 times until now. Very good product .Thank you SoyGuapo.


Arrived in perfect condition everything works properly. Really recommended.


I have used it a couple of times, it is really surprising it effects. I am very happy of have bought this product.